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Microdefender® is conceived, produced and marketed by Work In Progress Bio-Medical Srl, an innovative Italian start-up dedicated to the research and development of high-tech products and services for the medical-health sector.

Did you know that?

Disinfection is an operation or a set of operations that have the purpose of breaking down the microbial load in an environment or on a surface. Disinfectant products are used whose effectiveness against various microorganisms, such as viruses, spores, fungi and / or bacteria, must be demonstrated with scientific evidence that also specifies ways and times of use. Only these products can be defined as biocides or medical devices.



Identifies the environment in which you want to carry out the activity without room for error.

The SIA TAG is positioned in every single environment and thanks to the QR CODE the device performs the disinfection in complete autonomy, this is because the information contained in the QR CODE – customer, environment ID, room volume – activates the calibration procedure of the device and determines with extreme precision methods and times of treatment.



The system, scientifically tested and patented, uses only disinfectant formulations based on hydrogen peroxide which eradicates viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores in a short time.

To disinfect non-invasive medical devices present in a confined environment, the WPH2O2S formulation registered as a class IIA Medical Device is used.
For the disinfection of surfaces present in a confined environment, the WPB-7 formulation registered as biocide PT2 and PT4 is used.



DS are innovative technological devices used for the aerosolization of disinfectant formulations.

DS devices can aerosolize the product and distribute it homogeneously on all surfaces through dry fog, leaving neither residues nor humidity. The DS use only specific disinfectant formulations that eradicates viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores in a short time.



The innovation of our devices is the traceability of all operations through the dedicated network platform, which processes the data collected and issues a certificate of successful disinfection after each treatment. The different levels of access allow each user to consult their activities, depending on the job held.

It is also possible to operate the devices remotely, selecting the date, time and frequency of treatment; activate or deactivate the people detection sensors; enable or disable operators and environments.



The system consists of a series of devices connected to a management platform that controls and tracks the results of disinfections in real time.

Each device is used on the basis of the volume to be treated and the microbiological-qualitative objectives to be achieved. The data is then sent to the platform on which it is possible to view H24 reports, statistical graphs, a summary certificate with legal value of the operation carried out.



The San Raffaele University of Milan (Italy), through laboratory tests compliant with the European Technical Standards developed by CEN, provided scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the system. Homogeneous samplings were also carried out with Count Agar plates, before and after the disinfection treatment, evaluating the total bacterial load as a microbiological indicator. ACCREDIA accredited laboratories have processed the results expressed in UFC / plate and have shown that the Microdefender® system can reduce the total microbial load up to 99%.

Test carried out on:

  • 22 structures examined;
  • 125 sampled surfaces.


  • before disinfection, 67% of the surfaces (83/125) had a microbial load;
  • after disinfection 99% of the surfaces (124/125) do not show any microbial load.



Hospitals, schools, distribution, hotels, are just some of the environments and sectors in which the Microdefender® system can make the difference to reduce the risk of infections, always in compliance with the regulations and protocols in force.

Each environment has its own peculiarities and needs, which is why you can choose from three available models: fixed, transportable or custom-made devices to be combined with ventilation systems.



No more manual device calibration activities or paper registers to be filled in after each treatment. A short training course on the procedures will suffice for the personnel in charge and then follow the update notices indicated by reminder directly on the devices.

Overall savings? There is, thanks to the automated management of consumption, the reduction of disinfectants and the requalification of the workforce. The system is also available for hire, with a cost per cubic meter.



The quality of Made in Italy is once again recognized and rewarded: prestigious international customers have chosen the Microdefender® system to protect closed environments and people. That’s why there are Microdefender® technicians ready to intervene and respond quickly wherever you are. You can count on more than twenty partners between Europe, the Middle East and North America.


What are the needs of the company? How are the environments to be treated?
Three different device models.

Aerosolization devices that can be transported from one room to another with the same convenience of a trolley case.

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Aerosolization devices to be applied to the wall or permanently positioned in the most functional area of the environment.

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Do you want to upgrade your ventilation system with the Microdefender® system? We design tailor-made solutions together with the customer.

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