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Official source – 29 July 2020

ASKYCLEAN – UAE EMIRATES safe thanks to Microdefender technology

Cycling is finally starting up again. The teams have equipped themselves to feel safe in the hotel rooms, the coaches and flagships, the kitchen trucks and the workshops in which they work.

Team UAE Emirates has chosen to do this professionally, relying on the direction of Prof. Maurizio Podico, scientific director of Askyclean Srl Società Benefit. In order not to put the athletes and the staff working closely with them at risk, the team’s newcomers will use ten Microdefender atomizers.

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Official source – 18 April 2020

High disinfection that defeats the Coronavirus

What has been done differently in the hospitals in the Lodigiano area compared to those in the province of Bergamo?

We asked those who intervened promptly by carrying out a high level of disinfection. As Marco Ravasi explains, manual operations alone do not guarantee the complete elimination of viruses and bacteria. Before Alzano there was the first Italian outbreak of Covid-19 in Codogno (20 February – patient 1 Mattia M. later recovered), in the province of Lodi. And it was in that virtuous example that the high level of disinfection carried out by Work in Progress Bio Medical ensured that environments with an almost zero microbacterial load were maintained.

The Work in Progress Bio Medical company is an innovative start-up from 2017 and was founded on the idea of creating a high disinfection system that tracks the entire supply chain. The patented Microdefender system consists of: an atomiser (the machine), a disinfectant chemical (hydrogen peroxide, which is also listed in the WHO guidelines as an effective method of killing micro-organisms), a room identification system and a network platform. All work together to disinfect and trace.

Hospitals need a state-of-the-art disinfection strategy now more than ever, especially in view of the future. So that you don’t think you can defeat a virus with rags, disinfectants and elbow grease alone, but by relying on science and technology that already exists and, what’s more, is not on the other side of the world, but is outside your front door.

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Official source – 23 March 2020

How long the coronavirus lasts on surfaces and how to really disinfect them

Never before have people been looking for reliable information on how to disinfect their homes so as not to risk becoming infected with the coronavirus… let’s start with the only research, at the moment, that has established how long the coronavirus’ infectious power lasts on surfaces without relying on estimates and extrapolations of other known viruses, but by studying the new virus itself.

The study, carried out by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services) and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, analysed the aerosol and stability on various surfaces of SARS-CoV-2 (the new coronavirus) and compared it with SARS-CoV-1, the most closely related human coronavirus, under five environmental conditions (aerosol, plastic, stainless steel, copper and cardboard).

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Official source TGCOM24 – 20 March 2020

Hi-tech disinfection against contagion

Hi-tech disinfection against contagion: in hospitals in red zones, the robot fighting the coronavirus.
A specialized company, located in Vimercate, explores every day operating theatres, ambulances, hospital rooms in nursing homes full of patients affected by Covid-19 to remove all pathogens”.
Doctors and nurses are on the front line against the coronavirus emergency. But in the trenches there are also the super technicians who clean up potentially toxic environments (hospital rooms, corridors, ambulances) removing viruses, bacteria and spores harmful to humans. These are the teams that intervened at the hospital of Codogno a few minutes after the alarm was given, with their sophisticated systems, for a high quality disinfection.
They are the men of the high disinfection system called Microdefender.

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Official source – 28 February 2020

Who certifies the disinfection of public premises?

Antonino Russo, expert in disinfection:
“you don’t make a room biologically pure with traditional methods” you need much more. I wonder: what are the methods used? What are the products? The criterion? Who certifies that the environment has been properly cleaned and sanitized? There is a serious risk that a lot of public money will be spent but no serious result will be achieved. Also because, the virus that is in the air, is not eliminated.” According to the expert, currently, only the Microdefender that acts on air saturation and without the use of poisons, can eliminate the virus.”

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28 February 2020

Snav Maritime connections: disinfection on ships is now underway

Official source

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Official source
Snav hasn’t wasted time. In fact, following the consequences caused by the Coronavirus, it has been the first shipping company in the world to fit out its ships with an innovative High Disinfection system called “MicroDefender” to protect travellers and crew. (source )

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Total disinfection on SNAV ships

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Official source – 22 February 2020

Those special “trolleys” for disinfecting.

The invention of a company from Vimercate.

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Official source – 22 February 2020

That company a bit “Bergamasque” and the special “robots” for the environmental remediation in Lodi

The emergency intervention of the Work In Progress Biomedical: a Bergamo-based company among the owners. They look like trolleys, but they’re remotely controlled machines. The Region: call 112

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Official source – 21 February 2020

Coronavirus in the Lodi area, we proceed to sanitize the environments where infected people have passed: here’s how it works

“These machines atomize a disinfectant product. At the end of the process, if no one misses the procedure, it reduces all pathogens present in the environment to 99.9%” explains Stefano Pilia of Work in Progress Bio-Medical, a Vimercate company specialised in environmental sanitisation.

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Official source – 3 June 2019

New technologies to reduce contagions

…among the methods analyzed by the seminar there is the aerosolization with hydrogen peroxide. Rosa Incarnato, WPbiomed biologist, illustrated some features of a solution developed with the ‘Microdefender‘ system that also allows to trace a mapping of the entire process that the healthcare operator must follow.

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